If 40% of men experience abuse, then why don’t we hear about it?

Defying Shadows

Generally speaking, we are more likely to hear about women who’ve experienced abuse as opposed to men. However, with  June being men’s health month, I wanted to share and discuss some information about men and abuse.

According to Home Office statistical bulletins and the British Crime Survey,  “in 2006-07 men made up 43.4% of all those who had suffered partner abuse in the previous year, which rose to 45.5% in 2007-08 but fell to 37.7% in 2008-09.” So if 40% of men experience domestic abuse, why don’t we hear about it more often? I mean, ManKind found that men are twice as likely as women to keep the abuse a secret, as well as not seek help.

ManKind provide a list of signs to look for (if you suspect abuse):

  • She controls the money – all financial decisions will be made by her, and she’ll make you account for all…

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